The Bicycle Mayor position helps coordinate between existing cyclists, the community, government, and nonprofits.

About Adam Tranter

My name is Adam Tranter. I’ve been riding bicycles of all types all of my life. I’m passionate about turning the UK, and my home city of Coventry, into great places to cycle so that everybody can reap the benefits. In 2008, I founded communications agency, Fusion Media. The agency focuses on cycling and active lifestyle; we work with brands like Brompton Bicycle, Evans Cycles, Shimano and Red Bull.

We now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help more people onto bikes for greater personal and public health and to help the climate crisis; that’s why I’m working as Bicycle Mayor for Coventry.

I have 5-year-old twin boys with my wife Aurélie, who is also passionate about active travel and the environment.

Aurélie and I set up Warwickshire’s first school cycle bus which runs each week, delivering up to 20 children to school by bike.

My communications experience is ideally placed to put cycling on the agenda in Coventry and use media to hold policy makers to account. My professional experience can build support from across industry and national governing bodies and charities.

Adam often rides his trusty Brompton in and around the city

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