The Bicycle Mayor position helps coordinate between existing cyclists, the community, government, and nonprofits.

Key Priorities

I want to help Coventry reach its potential by supporting those who live, work and visit the city in making bicycles the obvious transport choice for short journeys, regardless of age, gender or background. 

I will hold Coventry’s policymakers to account, ensuring cycling is a key priority in tackling the Climate Emergency. I will work to promote the benefits of cycling and challenge the status quo of one of the UK’s most car-centric cities.

Each Bicycle Mayor is asked to state three key priorities for their work. Here are mine:

Priority 1: Work to ensure that Coventry meets its cycling potential; working with policymakers to ensure priority is given to cycling and active travel

60 per cent of Councils in the UK have declared a climate emergency. Recognising there’s an issue is the first step but I will work hard to ensure that our council prioritise cycling and walking schemes. As Bicycle Mayor, I will remain politically neutral and hold power to account.

I will collaborate with other active travel advocates and organisations to best utilise the skills and tools available to the benefit of cycling.

I will work with other public and private organisations to champion cycling initiatives locally, showing what is possible with local action.

I will work to investigate, support and make representations on future schemes to ensure that cycling infrastructure is high quality and suitable for children and new cyclists to use.

Priority 2: Engage media and partners to better communicate and showcase the benefits of cycling for everybody in Coventry

The media narrative on active travel, air quality and the climate crisis is changing daily. I’ll use my expertise and contacts in this area to promote the positive personal and societal benefits of mass cycling.

I will work with media to support responsible and balanced reporting of cycling and climate-related news.

I aim to instil a positive narrative on cycling in Coventry taking a common-sense communications approach; promoting the benefits and not getting drawn into unhelpful anecdotal debates which can sometimes dominate media headlines and council debates.

I will work to highlight the needs of people on bikes and other vulnerable road users, especially children and less confident cyclists.

Priority 3: Prioritise the implementation and promotion of initiatives that benefit the most vulnerable

I will work hard to represent other groups who have not yet discovered the benefits of cycling.

I will ensure that cycling is available to everybody, including children, disabled people and those who are most negatively affected by Coventry’s car dominance.

I believe that every child has the right to cycle to school and will challenge the conditions that prevent this in Coventry.

I will engage with specialist groups such as Wheels For Wellbeing, Playing Out, Living Streets, Cycling UK and British Cycling to explore funding options and best practice guides to benefit Coventry residents.

Reduce barriers to start cycling; championing bike hire, secure bike parking and events such as Let’s Ride.

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